Making peace

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The inside one good book.
The one good thing inside the one good book what I used to get from one good man who I used to know him.He is a good friend me.The friends call him Bob.Now Bob is working in Cambodia (so I believe!!)He is a CPR’s staff(spokesperson)
Bob had sent one good book to me. Subject:Step By Step, Subtitle:Meditations On Wisdom And Compassion, Author:Maha Ghosananda (Buddhist monk from Cambodia)I think some phase inside this book ought to be the advantage to anybody who interest. So I have do to copy some phase, some sentence inside of that book for friends and everybody.
Though at this time chance I have to beg the permission of the copy right owner and thank you Bob Maat too.

Non-action is the source of all action. There is little we can do for peace in the world without peace in our minds.And so,when we begin to make peace,we begin with silence-meditationand prayer.Peacemaking requires compassion.It requires the skill of listening.To listen,we have to give up ourselves, we learn to listen to others as well,and new ideas grow.
There is an openness,a harmony.As we come to trust one another,we discover new possibilitiesfor resolving conflicts.When we listen well,we will hear peace growing.Peacemaking requires mindfulness.There is no peace with jealousy,self-righteousness,or meaningless criticism.We must decide that making peace is more important than making war.Peacemaking requires selflessness.It is selflessness taking root.To make peace,the skills of teamwork and cooperation are essential.There is little we can do for peaceas long as we feel that we are the only ones who know the way.A real peacemaker will strive only for peace,not for fame,glory,or even honor.Striving for fame,glory,or honor will only harm our efforts.Peacemaking requires wisdom.Peace is a path that is chosen consciously.It is not an aimless wandering,but a step-by-step journey.Peacemaking is the middle path of equanimity,non-duality,and non-attachment.Peacemaking means the perfect balance of wisdom and compassion,and perfect meeting of humanitarian needs and political realities.It means compassion without concession,and peace without appeasement.Loveing kindness is the only way to peace.

Vision without action is merely a dream,
action without vision just passes the time,
vision with action can change the world.
Joel Barker


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